The Tourism Department of the Fuengirola City Council has carried out a tourism promotion campaign in the three main cities of Finland to reinforce its image in the Nordic country, one of the main source of tourists for the city. Thus, as reported at a press conference by the councilor for the sector, Rodrigo Romero, a total of 39 mupis (street furniture as an information point) have been located in different parts of Helsinki, Turku and Tampere.

“This year we were unable to attend the Helsinki Matka Fair and within the Tourism Board it was suggested that some promotional action had to be carried out in the main Finnish cities to continue strengthening these ties, because Fuengirola and Finland have synergies that are right now in its best moment, but we wanted to have this little wink now, that for the Finns the bad weather begins and they want to travel to places like our city, where for them in the months of September, October and November, we enjoy a warm summer and smooth, ”said Romero.

Therefore, according to the mayor, “we have launched an advertising action with JCDecaux, the company that has mupis in all bus areas, and we decided to carry it out in the three main cities of the country: Tampere, Turku and Helsinki ”.

Thus, a total of 39 mupis have been installed distributed in different points of these cities, “so that people who were walking through those places would be reminded that Fuengirola is still there, that we have an enviable climate and that we welcome them with open arms. ”.

As Romero has pointed out, this promotional action “joins the campaign we did with Jet2holidays for British tourism, to also remind them of the strong bond there is, because all English tourists know the Costa del Sol and it is good that we tell them that, within the Costa del Sol, the best option is Fuengirola ”.

To conclude, the mayor has pointed out that these are promotional campaigns for the city “that are carried out at a time when foreign tourism is greatly diminished, they are small actions that are carried out from the Tourism area, always coordinated with the Tourist Board, and we want them to have a small impact, even on a sentimental level, because surely many of the Finns who see these posters have not been able to come here for a couple of years and they miss us a lot ”.

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