The mayor of Estepona and candidate for re-election for the PP, José María García Urbano, has closed the electoral campaign this Friday with the priority objective of turning Estepona into a university city, highlighting the importance of this appointment with the polls to “guarantee the future” of the city.

So, you have asked vote for the PP so that “follow the historical change and the city continues to be a benchmark in quality of life and citizen well-being and progress”.

García Urbano recalled that “the PP has a great management balance sheet”. “We have achieved a lot in these 12 years of government and we have many more projects that will be decisive for the future of the city”, he added.

Specifically, he referred to the priority objective of turning Estepona into a university citywith an extensive scholarship program for those registered in Estepona.

The popular leader has highlighted that this project promoted by the Antonia Guerrero Foundation will be “a great academic opportunity for students from Estepona and a valuable economic, social and cultural engine for the city”.

You also mentioned the purpose of putting the finishing touch to the great urban transformation through the extension of the great boulevard generated in the promenade to the center of the city, continuing with the city model that has revitalized the economic and social activity of the city and has generated important synergies that have made “Estepona at the forefront of job creation in Andalusia”.

“Estepona is today a city recognized and admired by many, of which we are very proud,” he indicated. “No one thought we could achieve so much, in such a short time, and starting from the abandonment and discredit where Estepona was”, he added.

García Urbano has referred to the “great economic and administrative effort” carried out in these 12 years to address the “disastrous situation” in which the Estepona City Council found itself in 2011.

The candidate agrees to zero municipal debt

Specifically, it has committed to zero out the inherited debt of 304 million euros, of which more than 255 million euros have already been paid. “Today the City Council is a serious institution, with legal certainty and credibility. We have been responsible, rigorous and have shown that we know how to manage; and we have done it alongside the citizens, without raising taxes”, said the councilor, who has reiterated the commitment to carry out a large reduction in taxes when the economic ballast left by the left-wing governments in the city is finished.

The popular leader has asked the citizens “to continue to trust the PP because together we are going to continue this path of progress.” So, he has mentioned that he they will create more necessary equipment; that services in the city and in the suburbs will be strengthened; that VPO will be promoted on all the lands that are developed in Estepona and that “the most important thing will continue to be people and support for the most vulnerable”.

García Urbano has highlighted the fulfillment of the electoral program during these three terms and has thanked the empathy and citizen support for the developed city project. For this reason, he has promised to continue working “with the same strength, dedication and enthusiasm of the first day”. However, he has asked the citizens that on May 28 “value everything we have achieved in order to continue working together for the future of the city” of Estepona.

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