The mayor of Estepona and candidate for re-election for the PP, José María García Urbano, announced this Thursday his Commitment to finish the coastal path projectl during the next term, just as the creation of five river corridors has advanced if it renews the confidence of the electorate.

In this sense, he referred to the great effort carried out during this decade to carry out this project, which requires a extensive and complex administrative and permit processing supramunicipal for its development.

Yet he has shown his Satisfaction for already having 90% of the municipal area connected Through these sustainable paths they have discovered a new city and a new alternative to enjoy the attractions of the municipality.

In this regard, García Urbano has announced his commitment that in the coming years this project, which in Estepona encompasses a total of 23 kilometers of coastline, is completed in its entirety, thus allowing uninterrupted connection across the coastline throughout the municipal area.

García Urbano has valued the innovative nature of this project, which has meant that it has guaranteed preservation for the future of the coastlineputting it in value and enabling a new attraction for citizens.

As a complement to this initiative for the sustainable structuring of the city, the popular leader has announced the creation of river corridors in the Guadalmina, El Padrón, Guadalmansa, El Castor and La Cala rivers. In this way, the shores of these natural spaces will be valued, at the same time that it will be favored that they can be used by citizens as leisure spaces.

In this way, it should be remembered that the municipal government of the PP of Estepona has carried out during the current mandate the creation of a fluvial corridor in the surroundings of the Las Cañas streamin Selwo, which has meant the regeneration of the environment of this channel, with the revegetation of the enclave, the creation of a green area and a path for citizens to walk.

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