The fourth edition of ChefsForChildrenan event that unites gastronomy and solidarity and that brings together 37 master chefs Michelin Stars already 150 students from Malaga, starts this Monday in marbella with the promotion of the agri-food promotion brand of the Diputación, Taste of Malaga.

The activity has been inaugurated at the Hotel Los Monteros in Marbellain an act in which the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, participated, who stressed the importance of Marbella “successfully bringing together solidarity and haute cuisine as the main hallmarks of a fully consolidated initiative”.

Thus, he underlined “the scope of an event that brings together the great masters of our country’s cuisine, represented by thirty Michelin stars” and that has the participation of 150 schoolchildren from the town, while thanking “the commitment and generosity of all the people who make a proposal with a strong social dimension possible, which will always have institutional support.” In this sense, it has joined the support of Down Spain “for the magnificent work they do to promote the social inclusion of children with this syndrome.”

The Responsible for Taste of Malaga, Leonor García-Aguafor its part, recalled that the Diputación, through Sabor a Málaga, has been collaborating with this initiative since its first edition, since it shares the objective of transmitting the importance of eating healthy from childhood.

This event consists of holding cooking workshops in which participating chefs teach a group of children to eat healthy with local products and in a fun way. Therefore, for Sabor a Málaga “it is an honor to be part of this educational and inclusive project”.

“Educational because ChefsForChildren has been instilling in the little ones for four years the importance of eating a balanced diet and also do it with local products. And inclusive because children with and without Down syndrome will participate in the workshops”, he specified.

The workshops are held this Monday at the Hotel Los Monteros, where there will be a solidarity gala dinner for 250 people made with products from Malaga by the participating Michelin Star chefs and whose profits will go to the Down Spain association, a beneficiary entity of the event in its fourth edition as in previous years were Aldeas Infantiles SOS, Fundación Aladina and Fundación Juegaterapia.

The chefs participating this year are:

  • Angel Leon (Aponiente***)
  • Elena Arzak (Arzak***)
  • Eneko Atxa (Azurmendi***)
  • Jesús Sánchez (Arbor of Amós***)
  • Paolo Casagrande (Lasarte***)
  • Martin Berasategui (Martin Berasategui***)
  • Quique Dacosta (Quique Dacosta***)
  • Ricard Camarena (Ricard Camarena**)
  • Kiko Moya (L*Escaleta**)
  • Luis Valls (El Poblet**)
  • Toño Pérez (Atrium**)
  • Benito Gomez (Bardal**)
  • Nacho Manzano (Martial House**)
  • the Torres Brothers (Torres Brothers Kitchen**)
  • Mario Sandoval (Coke**)
  • Javier Olleros (Culler de Pau**)
  • Diego Guerrero (Dstage**)
  • Francis Paniego (The Portal of the Echaurren**)
  • Fine Puigdevall (Les Cols**)
  • Erlantz Gorostiza (VF**)
  • Paco Perez (Miramar**)
  • Paco Morales (Noor**)
  • Paco Roncero (Paco Roncero Restaurant**)
  • Ramon Freixa (Ramon Freixa**)
  • Mario Cachinero (Skina**)
  • Oscar Velasco, Fernando Villasclaras (The Lake*)
  • Jose Carlos Garcia (Jose Carlos Garcia Restaurant*)
  • Diego Gallegos (Sollo*)
  • Ricardo Sanz (Ricardo Sanz*)
  • Mari to Gomez (Magoga*)
  • Mauricio Giovanini (Messina*)
  • Maca de Castro (Maca de Castro*)
  • Begoña Rodríguez (La Salita*)
  • Roberto Ruiz (Barracuda MX and Manta Ray)
  • Domi Vélez (The Furnace of Vélez)

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