The Club Med Magna Marbella hotel has closed the tourist season with a occupancy rate greater than 90%, a figure that is similar to the reserves recorded for the fall, and that suggests good forecasts for the coming months despite the global economic scenario marked by inflation. Club Med President Henri Giscard d’Estaing attends to Malaga Today for I will analyze how the summer has developed after the opening of the tourist establishment last May.

-What degree of occupancy has the Club Med Magna Marbella hotel registered during the high season?

-The occupancy rate has been over 90%, which is an extraordinary figure for a hotel that has only recently opened. The guests who have been here this summer are from more than 30 nationalities, that is to say, they represent a great diversity of origins, of which two thirds have been families.

-What impact has inflation had on the results of the tourist establishment?

-The impact of inflation so far is limited, which does not mean that it is not a source of concern for the coming months. However, what allows us to think that we are going to be able to face part of this inflation is precisely the rigorous measures that exist in construction in terms of environmental care.

-What are these measures?

-Among them are, on the one hand, measures for energy managementand on the other, for water management. As for the first, the high-quality insulation that the building enjoys stands out, as well as high-performance energy consumption management. In addition, on the roof of the building there are solar panels and heat pumps that produce 70% of the hot water used in the hotel, as well as a system for reusing shower water for toilets, which will also have an impact very positive in terms of saving water.

-What has been the average stay of customers during the summer period?

-The average stay of the clients has been between 6 and 7 days.

-What has been the profile of the clients?

-Two thirds of those 20,000 guests that the hotel has had from the beginning are families, and that fact is very important in my opinion for the city of Marbella, since in addition to being a complement to the people who come for various reasons to spend some days, many retirees; the fact of having families is important in the sense that they are more likely to repeat a destiny. In other words, they are loyal to the destination and repeat much more than the other segments, hence the importance of this fact of two thirds of some 20,000 customers, of which some 13,000 have been families.

-What age groups are the most prominent?

-The age profile varies according to the season and in summer those who come the most are families, and even three generations, with grandparents, parents and children. The hotel has the capacity to care for babies from 4 months. Then, after the summer season, older people come close to 50 years old, but also young parents with babies.

-What percentage of customers are loyal from 20 years ago?

-Knowing the percentage of clients who have come back having known the Don Miguel hotel is difficult. What I do know is that of the clientele that has come so far, 60% are loyal Club Med customers from other places and the remaining 40% are new, so there is a high percentage of repeat customers within Club Med.

-Which nationalities have opted for the resort this summer?

-This summer’s clients represent more than 30 different nationalities, obviously with a large French component considering that the hotel itself was a Club Med 20 years ago, and many French people remember it and want to come back to see the new one, in addition to English and many other Europeans.

-What other issuing countries stand out, in addition to France?

-Among the nationalities that can stand out there is a great variety, but for example, from Europe there are the Belgians, the Italians and the Dutch. The North American still few, although today at the event there are American and Canadian journalists. And as for Asians, there are still few due to the restrictions that travel still has. What forecasts are there for autumn and winter? We are very happy with the current situation with the reception of the hotel, therefore, we already know that for September and October there is more than 90% occupancy and almost everything is sold for Christmas and the beginning of the year. This success of the first year is very satisfying, and together with the satisfaction that the clients have shown, the reputation of the resort and the location make us very optimistic.

-What do clients who choose the Costa del Sol for their summers demand?

-Discover Marbella and Andalusia.

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