The comprehensive conditioning of the residential Huerto del Cura it is already a reality. A large-scale work agreed with the neighbors and that will be carried out in a planned period of five months, being completed in three phases.

In order to improve the security, accessibility and surrounding infrastructures, the Marbella City Council, in the hands of its mayor, Angeles Muñoz, has visited the works together with the councilor of the branch, Diego López, «we want the least impact on your day-to-day of this work to be had. This initiative will solve the traffic management problems and will eliminate architectural barriers that made it difficult to access housing and the passage of emergency services in a populated area such as the urban area, ”explained the first mayor.

Comprehensive improvements

The project so longed for by citizens, contemplates the creation of a marked inlet and outlet section and well differentiated, each one with its own road, for vehicles and pedestrians; the widening of the entrance steel of the right and left bank; the installation of online parking areas on both sides, which will include specific spaces for motorcycles; the installation of ramps that will replace the stairs that currently cover the existing slopes; the adaptation of pedestrian crossings to current regulations and the execution of a concrete wall.

“The first phase will last for 70 days and it will focus on the right bank, where a concrete wall will be built and the sidewalk will be expanded so that it has a double meaning, also renovating the lighting to guarantee safety;
the second will take place at the end of the entrance lane and the third will take place on the left bank ”, concluded the councilor.

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