The five-star Grand Luxury W hotel in Marbella is closer to becoming a reality after the provisional approval in plenary session of the specific modification of elements of the General Urban Development Plan (PGOU), which will allow the development of the URP-AL-6 sector The dunes –located to the east of the city-, and whose building license is expected to be requested before the summer, according to the Platinum States partner in Spain, Juan Luis Segalerva.

The businessman has indicated that “the provisional approval is the immediate step to the definitive one, which goes to the Junta de Andalucía”, a procedure that he hopes will be completed in a pperiod of “3 or 4 months maximum“due to the inclusion of the resort in the Andalusian Project Accelerator, which means that it is “of special regional interest”.

The five-star project has all “favourable” sectoral reports, with the Roads being the one that has lasted the longest, and which finally contemplates “a lateral lane” and “double lane” between Elviria and the access entrance to the Don Carlos hotel, with “acceleration and deceleration” capacity with which “road safety is improved” in the area.

Thus, Segalerva explained that the modification of elements approved in plenary session last Friday is a document that “orders the initial plots of the sector” and contemplates “fundamental factors of planning” such as “buildability, use, the resulting plot or a series of land that must be transferred to the City Council for facilities”.

In addition, it provides for aspects such as “the footprint of the buildings and the heights to be met” or the use of the land, which in this case will be “hotel compatible with tourist-residential“, has nuanced.

As for the land transferred to the Consistory for public facilities, the partner of Platinum States in Spain has detailed that they add “around 40,000 square meters”, detailing that “there is a plot of land for school use”. To this he has added that there is land ceded for “social use” or “sports”.

Segalerva has valued that the plenary approval of the planning supposes for the advance of the project “the basic support, taking into account that the Board was already there” after its inclusion in the Andalusian Accelerator, as well as implying that “we will soon have final approval and we will be requesting the building license, which we hope to apply for before the summer”.

Thus, he pointed out that the permission for the construction of the five stars it hopes to obtain it in the “last quarter of 2022” and that the works will last 3 years. The resort will have “186 rooms and suites”, 86 tourist apartments, a hundred “private residences entitled to the services” of the establishment and a Beach club.

Another of the five-star attractions will be the dune system that borders its southern end, with which investors will give an added value of an environmental nature, with the aim of creating “a Cadiz beach in Marbella, but without wind”.

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