The National Police has dismantled, in Marbella, a brothel where they were allegedly exploited sexually seven women of South American origin, who would have been recruited in their countries of origin with false job offers. As a result of the investigation, the agents have arrested – at the head of the plot – a 47-year-old woman, for his alleged involvement in a crime relating to the prostitution. In a search in the house they have intervened 117,000 euros in cash and numerous jewels.

Operation “Caballo”, carried out by agents attached to the Unit against Immigration Networks and Document Falsification -UCRIF- of the Local Police Station in Marbella, began with a call to the Intelligent Command, Communication and Control Center CIMACC 091, in which the situation of sexual exploitation of women in a flat in Puerto Banús, in Marbella.

According to the investigations, the agents confirmed that prostitution was taking place in the house in question by seven women, who would have been captured in South American countries with false job offerswhich promised jobs in Spain from hairdressers to dancers “for a better life”.

A debt of 7,000 euros for the job offer

At the head of the recruitment -under deceit- of the victims would be the investigated, a woman who paid for the trip to Spain for the girls, informing them right on arrival that they had contracted a debt of about 7,000 euros on average and that they should offer sexual services in a brothel to return that economic amount.

In this way, the victims would have been forced to engage in prostitution under threat, also being subjected to tight control and surveillance by the suspect, who was the only person who charged the clients, while the girls did not have money. -not even to eat-.

At customer service at any time of day

As a result of the procedures carried out, the agents also learned that the prostitutes had to be available 24 hours a day to take care of the services that come out and that, in addition, their passports had been withdrawn.

Finally, the National Police carried out an investigation entrance and registration in the brothelintervening 117,000 euros hidden in a room of the property, as well as numerous jewels.

The agents arrested the investigated for her alleged responsibility in a crime related to prostitution. The Investigating Court number 3 of Marbella is aware of the facts.

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