The National Police has a 28-year-old woman arrested in Marbella for an alleged crime of drug trafficafter she herself had claimed the agents to intervene in a brawl at your partner’s house. Once at the home, the policemen observed that there were different narcotic substances and proceeded to arrest him.

Thus, upon arrival, the agents identified those present and when they proceeded to identify a man who had locked himself in the bathroom they realized that in one of the rooms of the house there were different narcotic substances.

There have intervened 61 acorns of hashishone 96-gram hashish tablet, four 23.1-gram pieces of hashish, 35 grams of dopea scale, a simulated weapon type submachine guntwo mobile phones and 240 euros, have indicated from the National Police in a statement

The events occurred last March 20, on the 8:00 p.m., in Marbella. The Cimacc operating room alerted several crews to go to a service where a brawl was taking place according to the informant and dweller of the house. Upon arrival, the agents met with the parties and informed them of the procedures to follow.

At the time they were trying to identify the petitioner and her partner, she told them that he had locked himself in the bathroom. While trying to identify both, they realized that there was a scale on the table in the living room and various narcotic substances.

They immediately proceeded to arrest the woman for her alleged involvement in a crime against public health. When they tried to identify the man locked in the bathroom, the agents discovered that he had jumped out the window into a neighbor’s housequickly fleeing the place.

Finally, the inhabitant of the house and sentimental partner of the detainee, a 30-year-old man, was arrested in the capital of Malaga. At the same time numerous judicial and police requisitions for events of various kinds, including the one that gave rise to this police intervention.

The arrested woman was placed at the disposal of the Investigating Court number 4 of Marbella and her partner to the Guard Court of detainees of Malaga.

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