He started the engine and she clung to the vehicle’s mirror until she fell to the ground and was dragged away. The Police looking for the alleged perpetrator, which has already been identified. This is a 32-year-old man who had a sentimental relationship with the victim, who has suffered multiple bruises. The facts are being investigated as a possible new gender violence casethis time registered in Marbella.

The event took place on the edge of the 4 in the morning of this past Sunday in the roundabout of the Dreamers nightclub. The investigation indicates that the couple, who do not reside on the Costa del Sol, had attended a concert. At one point, between the two an argument broke out. According to the investigations, she had told her boyfriend her intention to stay in a disco, to which he refused. It was then that the young man tried to access the vehicle to collect her personal effects and, presumably, her partner ended up dragging her with the car. Then she ran away leaving her badly hurtaccording to what police sources informed this newspaper.

a patrol of the Marbella Local Police He went there to see what had happened. The alleged perpetrator, still to be located, had fled. Witnesses witnessed how the girl tried to hold on to one of the mirrors to avoid being run over. As a consequence of her fall, she presented polycontusions and she had to be treated in a hospital. There were no previous complaints nor is there evidence that other episodes of ill-treatment occurred previously, according to the same sources consulted.

The events occurred only a few days after another man, a British national, allegedly stabbed his girlfriend, who was thrown from a moving car in Mijas after being injured in the thigh. The Civil Guard opened an investigation to locate the alleged attacker and confirm if he threw the victim out of the vehicle or it was she who jumped to escape from it, police sources said at the time.

The man, who has already been identified, also fled. It could be a 35 year old British citizen with a long history of violence in the United Kingdom.

The victim, for his part, had to be evacuated to the Costa del Sol Hospital, where in addition to the stab wound, he also had injuries from the fall he suffered when the vehicle was moving. After being treated, she received a medical discharge, health sources said.

The delegate of the Government of Spain in Andalusia, Pedro Fernández, confirmed last Friday that the international collaboration protocols to find the whereabouts of the alleged attacker, arrest him and bring him to justice in Spain. At press time there was no record that he had been arrested.

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