Various companies have entered this contest to assess their customer service capacity through the 5 main remote channels: telephone, e-mail/web form, website, social networks and virtual chat or WhatsApp. The methodology used by Sotto Tempo to choose the award-winning companies rigorously and transparently combines the Mystery Shopper technique (or mysterious customer technique) and satisfaction surveys.

Hidralia has been the best valued in the category of water supply companies, which means that it will be able to use the distinctive “Choosed Customer Service of the Year” in its communication for one year, a symbol of quality that shows the commitment of the different companies that are part of the group with offering the best service to its customers.

María Monzó Llopis, Director of Clients of the Agbar group, stated at the ceremony that the key factor in achieving good customer service from the group is “the rapid and efficient response through any channel, for most procedures and without neglecting that , in situations of vulnerability of any kind, proximity is our main value: therefore, in addition to ensuring the best service in our non-face-to-face channels, we promote the role of service offices in our channel strategy.”

In addition, the winning companies have received an operational report with the details of the evaluation that allows them to continue improving their customer service. Likewise, María Monzó has assured that participating in the contest “allows us to have a broader and more objective vision of our strengths and weaknesses”, and in this way “focus on the next actions to be carried out in the continuous improvement of customer service ”.

At Hidralia it is a priority to offer the best service, betting on a management model that places people at the center of activity. For this reason, the company has promoted the Contigo Program, a multi-channel service that seeks to ensure that all customers without exception can easily access its services. It combines a commitment to strengthening non-face-to-face channels to facilitate procedures at any time and place, with special attention to people in any situation of vulnerability. The objective is that each client can choose the channel through which they want to be served based on their needs, enjoying greater time flexibility to carry out procedures and avoiding waiting and unnecessary travel.

In addition, special attention is paid to people in a situation of vulnerability, for which work has been done to identify digital, understanding, accessibility or economic barriers, and offer solutions.

In this sense, Hidralia has deployed new services to act against comprehension barriers, through attention in new languages ​​and in sign language; In order to minimize the barriers to digitization, and to make it easier to carry out procedures in offices and by telephone, prior appointment requests have been made available to avoid waiting, and mechanisms have been implemented to be able to carry out procedures on behalf of other people. Likewise, for situations of economic vulnerability, the objective is to guarantee that all those people who may require any of the available aid (options such as “12 drops” – installment payment with the same amount each month -, deferment and installment of debt without interest, tariffs and social funds) know them and can request them in a simple and agile way.

The contest Chosen Customer Service of the Year was born in France in 2007 and arrived in Spain in 2011 with the aim of promoting the quality of service of companies, as well as helping customers choose the company that will offer them the best assistance.

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