Hidralia, the company that manages the integral water cycle in Marbella, is carrying out in these weeks a reinforcement in the cleaning of the pluvial network and the scuppers in the face of the foreseeable autumn rains. During these weeks, work is intensified to prevent flooding problems in times of intense rainfall.

In total, more than 17,000 scuppers have been cleaned throughout the municipality so far this year. In August, 2,835 of them have been cleaned and it is expected that by the end of September around 2,800 more will have been emptied. In recent weeks, efforts have focused mainly on the central areas of the municipality and the surroundings of educational centers, facing the new school year.

The scuppers are the urban elements that collect rainwater and divert it to the sewage network, seeing their drainage capacity limited when they are clogged with waste dragged by the rainwater. This campaign reinforces the preventive cleaning work carried out by two teams on a regular basis throughout the year in the municipality to guarantee maximum hydraulic capacity in times of heavy rainfall.

Digitization, a key ally in planning

In this type of action, the digitization process that the company has carried out in recent years is of great importance and represents an important advantage when planning the work, since thanks to the real-time monitoring of all the network of the municipality, it is possible to observe exactly in which points the intervention is most urgent in order to establish a correct order of priorities. Through the tools available to Hidralia, a continuous control of the data of interest is carried out on preventive and corrective maintenance, mapping, topography and inspections. All this to favor the resilience of the city.

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