The Estepona City Council informs that for this new course it has recovered the School Hiking program, which was suspended for the last two years due to the pandemic.

The deputy mayor of the Sociocultural area, Begoña Ortiz, has expressed her satisfaction with the resumption of this municipal initiative in which more than 1,500 students from the Primary and Secondary cycles of 11 educational centers in the city will be able to participate.

Ortiz has declared that this program is organized by the municipal delegations of Sport and Youth and Environment, with the aim of making the youngest aware of the importance of respecting and conserving nature and improving their physical condition.

In addition, during these routes, special importance is given to the participants knowing the natural environment that surrounds them, as well as the rich landscape of the different enclaves.

Begoña Ortiz has reported that the hiking trails will take place from the second half of November to April and will have five different routes.

The deadline for the different educational centers interested in participating in this municipal initiative to submit applications will be open until January 9, taking into account that the chronological order of the requests will be respected at all times.

The scheduled routes for this course are as follows:

– 1. Sierra Bermeja 1: Pitch oven, Shelter and Plazoleta de los Pinsapos (students from 1st Primary) Low level.

– 2. Sierra Bermeja 2: Paseo de los Pinsapos, Plazoleta de Genalguacil (students from 1st ESO) Low level.

– 3. Camino Nicola-Río Velerín (3rd and 4th Primary students) Medium/Low level.

– 4. Camino Nicola-Río Castor (students from 5th Primary) Intermediate Level.

– 5. Sierra Bermeja 3: Plazoleta de Genalguacil-Pico de los Reales-Shelter (students from 1st ESO) Medium/High level.

Each trail is qualified with a level of complexity, adapted to the age and physical condition of the participants, so it is recommended for the proper development of the activity that these suggestions are respected.

To conclude, the deputy mayor wanted to thank the educational centers for the involvement shown in this project, and highlighted the collaboration of the Local Civil Protection Group and the support of the Ministry of Sustainability, Environment and Blue Economy of the Board of Andalusia.

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