G-menone of the most legendary bands on the national music scene, will perform on the auditorium stage of Starlite Catalan West in Marbella This Tuesday, August 9. The group will present their twelfth studio album in the town of Malaga, rowland’s corner.

The pop rock band reached the highest levels of success in the late 1980s with his first album and that, through fresh and daring lyrics, became popular throughout the world, mainly in Latin America. His latest work, presented in 2021, took them directly to fourth place on the Spanish record list.

David Summers, Rafa Gutiérrez, Daniel Mezquita and Javi Molina they are part of the musical history of Spain, and four decades after their beginnings, “they keep their essence intact to go on stage with the same passion as always”.

Spectators will be able to listen live to mythical songs such as Marta has a pacemaker, Venice, Suffer suckerI’m going to have a good time either let your hair downas well as the most recent songs from his latest album, such as my heart comes out either Something in you.

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