The real estate market reactivates in the Costa del Sol after the pandemic, and not only regains ground lost during the tough months, but also increases su activity with respect to 2019, the year before COVID. A) Yes, home sales have increased by 70.7% in the projects promoted by the developer AEDAS Homes, one of the benchmarks on the Costa del Sol, with several promotions in Estepona, Marbella, Fuengirola, Malaga and Rincon de la Victoria. If the data is compared with the year of the pandemic (2020), the increase would be of 223%.

In addition, and according to this company, the 72% of home buyers on the coast are foreign, in front of 28% Spanish. The percentages in 2019 were somewhat more even, with 59% foreigners and 41% Spanish. These buyers come from up to 19 different nationalities.

The swedish they become the main home buyers on the Costa del Sol, displacing the British from the first place. Thus, they hoard the 30% of sales to foreigners, followed by Belgians and Norwegians (10%), British (9.7%) and dutch (7%), according to company data.

Jose Ignacio Fernandez, Territorial Director of AEDAS Homes in Costa del Sol, foresees that this trend will continue “in the coming months and perhaps in the coming years.” According to Fernández, we are at the beginning of an «expansive real estate cycle«, Which is reflected in two factors: there is a strong demand for housing and the macroeconomic wind is favorable, to which are added the European recovery funds.

AEDAS Homes considers that Costa del Sol It is one of the main residential beach markets, and for this reason it is firmly committed to the destination, where it develops more than 10 projects with almost 600 homes. In addition, it has land to develop another 2,500 new homes.

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