The Association of Hotel Employers of the Costa del Sol (AEHCOS) has observed that the occupancy data initially forecast for September and October “have experienced a slight improvement.” If for September the sector expected an average occupancy of 57.06%, now this figure stands at 64.02%. In fact, the first fortnight of the month closed with an occupancy of 69.62% and the second is expected to do so with 58.43%.

Something similar occurs with the provisional data released for the month of October. Initially, hoteliers estimated that the occupancy would be around 42.38%, but the current forecast is that it may reach the 51.81%.

According to the president of AEHCOS, Jose Luque, “The data is moderately hopeful and I hope they continue in this good line.” Luque has reiterated his request to extend the ERTE until Holy Week so that the sector, after a year and a half of huge losses, can recover and have the necessary tools to optimize the management of the establishments while the market recovers and stabilizes again.

Regarding the origin of the tourists, the international tourismHe “begins to emerge shyly” after the lifting of restrictions due to the pandemic. The president of AEHCOS recalls that, unlike the national market, this type of tourism is key in the off-season months.

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