The Association of Hotel Entrepreneurs of the Costa del Sol (Aehcos) predicts a fall in the months of September and October of 29.68 and 35.39 points, respectively, compared to the same period in 2019, and faces with “great concern ”the arrival of autumn.

Thus, as they have ensured through a statement that the forecasts for the months of September and October “are not promising.”

For this reason, the president of Aehcos, José Luque, advocates an expansion of the ERTE, since the expiration of the last extension will take place on September 30.

“The tourism sector has been clearly affected by this pandemic situation and businessmen need effective tools that allow us to mitigate the losses suffered,” said Luque.

According to the president, hoteliers “are experiencing the recovery of international markets with uncertainty, which are not responding as expected. In fact, as we have already commented, it has been national tourism that has saved the summer season in Andalusia ”.

After the strongest months in terms of tourism are concerned, the sector faces an “uncertain” autumn. According to forecasts, an occupancy of 57.06 percent is expected in September. By municipalities, Marbella foresees an occupancy of 68.67 percent, Malaga of 67.70 and the eastern coast –Nerja, Frigiliana and Torrox– 67.86%. This is data “far below the results obtained in 2019”.

Regarding the next month of October, the data worsens, since
expect an occupancy of 42.38 percent. By municipalities, the most visited coincide with September. Thus, Marbella expects an occupancy of 62.94 percent, Malaga of 53.96 and the eastern coast of 47.82.

In both months there is a common denominator, as the Aehcos Executive Committee shows, the average occupancy rate expected for September and October is different in areas focused on urban tourism compared to sun and beach destinations.

Given this circumstance, “a progressive closure of establishments is already expected in the areas most affected by the decrease in demand and mainly for the months after October”, they pointed out.

“We have to be prepared to face some difficult months again, hence we reiterate the need to articulate measures in advance that allow employers to plan the new scenario, although our real objective is the recovery and stabilization of employment”, Luque has influenced.

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