The Huete Architects studio has won the ideas competition launched by the City Council Marbella to carry out the preliminary project for the new Antonio Lorenzo Cuevas municipal stadium, which was closed last year, whose The successful bidder has a period of three months to present the “preliminary construction project”, as announced this Thursday by the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz.

The councilor has given hear the verdict of the jury at the Hospital Real de la Misericordiamade up of “professionals” and that has selected the winning project from among six proposals under technical criteria, and that it will be in charge of drafting the project and of the optional management of the work, as it has progressed.

Muñoz has detailed that the results of the contest will be published tomorrow, Friday, in the State Contracting Platformrecalling that 11 proposals were submitted to the ideas competition, of which “five were discarded for technical reasons” and six have bid to develop the project of the future sports space.

Thus, he announced that the winning project has been called Dream B1gpresented by the Huete Arquitectos studio, which has been awarded a score of 83 points, being below Almar with 75 and Plaza Blanca with 53. Thus, the jury has valued aspects such as “the uniqueness with nine points, the architectural quality with 28, the adequacy of the proposal with 27, the cultural values ​​with eight and the technical feasibility , economical and constructive with 11”, has detailed.

From now on, Muñoz has indicated that the company has a period of three months to present the construction blueprint and “work to get the tender for it and guarantee the demolition work” of the current municipal state, which has assured that it will take place “in the first months of 2023”. In this sense, he has estimated that the demolition will take place “in September 2023” and will last three months, while in parallel, the tender for the work will be issued, and that according to what he has pointed out, it will be executed in 2024.

The mayor recalled that the technical specifications state that future sports facilities must have at least a capacity for “8,000 spectators”, a figure that corresponds to the proposal submitted by the winning project plus “1,200 on the indoor athletics track”, the latter having to be “covered”; “a gym, a room fitness and more than 900 parking spaces”, which will finally have “960” parking spaces.

On the other hand, he recalled that the tender will have a budget of 985,000 euros and the construction project of the new municipal stadium will have a “total investment of 18 million euros”, ensuring that the City Council “will work with different administrations to enable the multi-year budget item”, as well as maintain contacts with Marbella FC in case the club wants to “keep part of the concession” for marketing.

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