The four federated hunting societies affected by the forest fire declared on September 8 are working to recover their boundaries, which are among the 10,000 burned hectares of the Sierra Bermeja Natural Park.

Specifically, the four companies affected by the fire are those of Jubrique, Genalguacil, Estepona and Casares with different degrees of affection in each case: the most affected is the Jubrique Hunters Society, what have you seen calcined 1,441 hectares of their bounded, having completely burned one of the reserves that securitize and 16% of another.

The Society of Hunters ‘El Zorzal’ of Estepona (with 3,526 hectares burned) and the Genalguacil Hunting Society (with 709 hectares burned) have also been strongly affected. For its part, the least affected is Society of Hunters of Casares, is the least affected since, despite seeing how 1,301 hectares burn, they still keep 88% of their bounded intact, according to the specialized publication ‘Jara y Sedal’.

All of them met this Saturday in Genalguacil with directors of the Andalusian Hunting Federation in Malaga to coordinate the recovery works of Sierra Bermeja, which have already started, and for channel solidarity correctly of the Malaga and Andalusian hunters, who have multiplied the offers of help and collaboration to these societies since the fire started.

Precisely after this meeting, the FAC Technical Service in Malaga has already requested the Relevant permits to the Junta de Andalucía to be able to make the food contribution necessary to the wild fauna of the calcined environment. “This work is important, but we must carry it out in an organized and coordinated manner by the Administration based on the criteria of recovery and regeneration of the forest to also avoid situations of imbalance in burned areas” explains Álvaro Trujillo, technical coordinator of the FAC .

5,000 kilos of grain

The Hunter Society ‘El Perdigón‘from the Malaga municipality of Alameda has been one of the first to help local associations, and has brought together more than 5,000 kilos of grain, forage and oat seeds, which will be donated to the affected hunting societies, for their contribution to the wild fauna of Sierra Bermeja. This food has been contributed by rehalas and associations of the province of Malaga and Campo de Gibraltar.

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