The candidate for Mayor of Marbella for the Impulsa Ciudad municipal party, Javier Lima, highlighted this Thursday that his electoral campaign has focused on direct contact with the residents of Marbella and San Pedro and “run away from unrealizable proposals”.

“Citizens have told us that they are tired of political parties they only sell smoke before the elections”, assured Lima, who thanked the residents of Marbella and San Pedro for the excellent reception they have given to the 150 projects that his political group has presented in their electoral program.

“We shared many hours with residents of Marbella and San Pedro”, Lima highlighted, while pointing out that “we have been in their businesses, we have spoken with them on the street, in the neighborhoods, on the seafront, in the cafeterias or in the industrial estates, and they have all thanked us for we stand in the elections, because they have all confirmed to us that they trust Impulsa Ciudad to govern in the City Council”.

The candidate of the municipal party has affirmed that the majority of the residents have assured him that they will vote for them, “because only Impulsa Ciudad, they tell us, can bring real transparency and credibility to municipal management.

“Credibility of the project, confidence in its management, capacity of its candidates and closeness to the neighbors are the main values ​​that citizens have highlighted in Impulsa Ciudad”, Lima assured, for which he has been convinced “that with its massive support on Sunday we will get a great result”.

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