The delegation of Infrastructure and Works, and Waters of the municipality of Manilva is acting in the different cisterns and accumulators of drinking water in the municipal area, as detailed by the mayor responsible for these areas, Diego José Jiménez.

These works are being carried out by a company specializing in the matter that has the most advanced technologies and guarantees that current regulations are complied with.

Jiménez has wanted to supervise these tasks, together with the area director, Mari Ángeles Ramos and municipal technicians at the Las Viñas Sports Complex.

At this time, cleaning is also being carried out in the water tanks of educational centers such as nursery schools and colleges.

This same procedure will be carried out in the different sports facilities of the term, as well as in the municipal buildings.

Once this process has been carried out, the pertinent certificate will be obtained, which guarantees that the networks, cisterns or accumulators are in optimal sanitary conditions.

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