The plenary session of the Marbella City Council, in an extraordinary session, has approved today, with the votes in favor of the PP, OSP and Ciudadanos and the abstention of the PSOE, a package of fiscal measures, which will be included in the Municipal Budgets of 2023, which will allow savings of 15 million euros for citizens. The mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, has indicated that, together with the tax cut, “we are also going to maintain social aid and public investment” and has broken down some of the concepts that will be modified “to support the economy of the city and of our neighbors”, among which are the reduction of the Construction, Installations and Works Tax (ICIO), the aid of the Real Estate Tax (IBI) for large families or the reduction of public prices for sports activities.

The councilor explained that the tax package includes “a series of measures that demonstrate our commitment to the economy of our city and its families” and recalled “that we have always opted to lower taxes.” In this sense, he has underlined “the free urban transport for registered residents, an initiative that saves our citizens 7 million euros each year, or the zero cost of the ICIO for projects of less than 10,000 euros, which also means that the City Council leaves to enter two million euros each year”. “To this we must add the bonus of the Tax on Economic Activities (IAE), the zero cost of the canon to beach establishments or the 20 percent reduction in prices for sports activities”, highlighted the first mayor.

For his part, the Councilor for the Treasury, Félix Romero, pointed out that this agreement “is the previous milestone for the approval of the municipal budgets for the next financial year” and has indicated that “the priority has always been to maintain the tax advantages and Reduce the pressure as much as possible. “We can boast that we are one of the municipalities that is most committed to social policies and pioneering measures to maintain the lowest tax burden for our neighbors and the most vulnerable groups”, detailed the mayor, who stated that “now more than ever Given the economic difficulties that the country is experiencing, we are going to promote this series of initiatives”.

He has detailed other measures included in the fiscal package such as the 50 percent rebate for public protection housing or the 90 percent rebate for the construction and installation of electric vehicle recharging points. Aid for large families in the IBI is also increased, going from 45 euros per child to 100 euros, and the fee for health services is repealed, eliminating fees for services such as the inspection and reopening of collective pools, the veterinary health or the analysis of products for human consumption carried out by laboratories. The rate related to the issuance of documents and other services and activities of an administrative nature is also annulled and the taxi license ordinance is modified to include second-degree relatives within the rate reductions. Likewise, in terms of school transport, in the case of the third child who uses the service, it will be free and a 50 percent reduction is added for large families.

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