The Cortijo Miraflores Cultural Center will host from October 14 to 29, 2021 the exhibition ‘The 80s are ours. Posters of a decade of Spanish cinema ‘. The exhibition is organized by the Cinema Area of ​​the Culture delegation, which has an important archive of graphic material that has been accompanying the screenings since it began in that decade. As the posters of that time are already history, over the next few years exhibitions with posters of films from a distant time will be offered to the public, which will make many remember cinematographic experiences, many lived in municipal cinemas, and for others they will be quite a discovery.

This year, the proposal will focus on the 80s and 2022 and 2023 in the 90s, with a selection of forty posters in each of them. Along with ‘posters’ that are limited to advertising the film, there are some that constitute real gems and are signed by important graphic artists. Some of these creators are leading designers of the decade, such as the multidisciplinary Iván Zulueta, or they burst into force to stay in our cinematography, such as the essential Juan Gatti or Cruz Novillo, who is said to have been the man who designed Spain, and several have work in the Museum of Contemporary Spanish Engraving in Marbella, cases of Ceesepe, Vicente Arnás, Manuel Boix or José Luis Fajardo.

The exhibition illustrates works of worship and the Movida, such as ‘Arrebato’, by Zulueta himself, or those that mark the beginning of Almodóvar’s career; important titles, such as the first Oscar, or films that are part of our life and, of course, of the hazardous chronicle of Spanish cinema. Almost all the posters are accompanied by dialogues from the film, reflections of our idiosyncrasy and of that effervescent decade.

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