The mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, today inaugurated the San Pedro Alcántara Day Fair at the new Finca de la Caridad site. The councilor, accompanied by members of the Municipal Corporation, has encouraged residents and visitors to enjoy the festivities “with joy and responsibility” and has highlighted the security and cleaning devices, with 120 and 60 troops, respectively, “who will monitor and They will maintain order during the festive days.

Likewise, the first mayor has underlined “the good reception” that the new space has had, “which was born with a vocation for continuity and as a multipurpose place to host different events throughout the year”. Muñoz has stated that “these are very special days, after the pandemic that we have experienced and now being able to enjoy some facilities that we have recovered from the time when our city was looted”.

Finally, he thanked the San Pedro Alcántara Mayor’s Office for its work, “not only for organizing this edition, but also for the work carried out in recent years” and also highlighted the mobility and parking possibilities of the enclosure, “with shuttles from the centers of Marbella and San Pedro and with a parking lot with 1,200 spaces”.

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