The City Council of Marbella has begun to design the accounts for the next financial year 2023, an election year for which the local executive (PP) will bet on “maintaining the investment in equipment and public works or the reduction of taxes”, as announced on Tuesday by the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz.

This was highlighted by the councilor after meet with the government team in full at the Palacio de Congresos to carry out “a analysis of what the new budgets should be”, within the framework of the beginning of the “political course”.

“The idea is submit budgets in October to have them definitively approved in December”, Muñoz has advanced, who has indicated that for the preparation of the same the City Council will bet on “being credible in the income area” or “having a budget item within the social area that guarantees that All these people will be taken care of”.

To this it has added as general lines of the budgets for the next financial year 2023, “the one that continue to maintain investment in equipment and public worksand since we have good revenue prospects for next year, which that increase is seen in a reduction of taxes”, has added.

In this sense, he has indicated that the Consistory “is going to present a battery of measures that help many families, that are transversal and that can reach the greatest number of people”, for which he has given as an example the free public transport for those registered in the city, to which he has added “some other rebates or exemptions that we are going to maintain and promote”.

“We have to prepare ourselves for what they are milestones that in this City Hall the government team has maintained throughout all the years, and that is we can present the budgets in a timely manner“, stressed the first mayor, recalling that 2023 “is going to be a momentous year because we have to give a balance of 4 years of legislature”, since the municipal elections will be held in the month of May.

Among the projects to promote with the 2023 budgets, it has indicated that are executing “all the commitments that we had of the great works of infrastructure and equipment such as the residence, health centers, the library or the Official School of Languages”, which will maintain their budget item next year if they have not concluded, he assured.

In addition, he has indicated that projects oriented towards “uphold the 2030 Agendathe commitment within the field of sustainability and mobility that a city like Marbella has and that of balance the deficit in equipment that this city has suffered for many years.

In this way, the mayor has indicated that for next year “All those legislature projects will be completed with whom we committed, and the idea is that we can present ourselves when May 2023 is over with a balance of legislature that guarantees the management that has been had”.

Regarding most outstanding games of the next municipal budget -with the exception of Personnel, which concentrates the largest volume of expenses-; Muñoz has pointed to chapter 2, highlighting that “the maintenance plans of the districts, of the green areas, of the educational centers or that of sports areas”, and even the budget items will be increased to “be able to assume the increase in the costs of raw materials”.

The councilor has also pointed to the investment chapter, underlining “a clear commitment to continue doing boardwalk improvements or investing in all those infrastructures that allow the level of Marbella in terms of quality of life is among the best.

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