The next Friday, August 13, at 7:00 p.m., will take place in the Alfonso Gil Hall of the House of Las Tejerinas, the presentation of the book ‘More than words’, Irene Abecia Navarro’s first work, a very current novel about acceptance and the desire for human improvement, a mixture of realism and fantasy, with a dose of self-help and pedagogy.

Published by Atlantis Ediciones in October 2020, ‘More than words’ is a hymn to hope, to acceptance as the best way to face the vicissitudes that arise in life, to friendship and … to love. Its main message is that there is always a way out. In addition, its reading encourages approaching various cities and natural spaces, knowing different aspects from the usual ones.

The novel ‘More than words’ is the first to be released; its protagonist, Violeta, is a journalist traveling around the world to interview famous writers. Through those trips we will know beautiful places, like New York, Jamaica, Rome, Paris, Australia and many others. But, in addition, it is a journey to the complex world of emotions, of overcoming, to find solutions to the problems that inevitably arise throughout life.

He also has two other finished novels and is currently writing the fourth. In addition, she is immersed in other literary projects, one of which is the preparation for Literary Screenwriter, and collaborates on the CINEMAGAVIA website, writing film and theater reviews. He has recently covered the Malaga Film Festival.

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