“It is very cheap to commit the crime of rape”. Two Estepona police They sexually assaulted an 18-year-old girl in the apartment where she was staying, after they “forgave” her friend a fine for alcohol. Four years later, the aggressors entered prison in 2018, although they will finally avoid going to jail after an agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office and the private prosecution that has prevented them from going to trial on the condition that they undergo a “sexual re-education” program and compensate the victim with 80,000 euros.

“We do not know the episodes of post-traumatic stress that the victim may have suffered so as not to want to relive the events,” he says. carmen martinpresident of the Platform Violence 0. Keeps going through that”calvary” can be “Lasted“e”unnecessary“. “The judicial process should be continued without exposing the victim in front of his aggressors”, concludes with anger and tired after communicating the data of the Ministry of Equality to this medium, assuring that the number of violations has increased in the summer months.

“The education sexual between women and men is necessary, and it should already be compulsory in schools and institutes”, emphasizes Martín. The president of Violence 0 maintains that this problem comes from below and refers to pornography as a “distortion of reality”. We must be aware and educate in equality between men and women,” he stresses.

8M demonstration

8M demonstration


Antonio L. Juarez

After commenting on draft of law of only yes is yes and the modifications that the GovernmentMartín relates that he wants to believe in justice: “I want to believe that there is a reintegration for the aggressors”.

For his part, Andrea Barbottavdeputy president of the Andalusian Council for the Participation of Women, also defends that rape comes out very cheap:A sexual re-education activity?“, Barbotta questions. “They are laughing at all of us, in addition to making us a thin favour to the rest of the women”, she adds. The vice president points to the rest of the groups as protagonists of the tireless effort they make every day to “change things” so that later “they laugh at us”, says Barbotta.

June 9, 2018

The events date back to June 9, 2018. The ruling states that the young woman went with two friends to the Costa del Sol to celebrate high school and with it the university entrance exam.

The three friends traveled by car from the Madrid capital to Estepona, where the victim’s parents have a apartment. They were in a nightclub, where they had several drinks. “When they went out on the street again, everyone was affected by alcohol consumption, especially she (the victim) who was not a regular drinker, so she was especially drunk, staggered and had trouble speaking fluently“, describe the magistrates of the eighth section.

Exterior view of the City of Justice

Exterior view of the City of Justice

Exterior view of the City of Justice

According to the story of the whistleblowermoments after the three friends will arrive at your building in cabafter parking by car due to the notice of the agents, personified the two agents in uniform and with private car of one of them after “forgive them” the fine. After having a brief conversation in the street, they proposed to the young go up to the home and they will leave the keys of the house, to which they agreed for fear that these policemen would take reprisals against them.

Moments later the victim escape asking aid in places near the house, but it was already late, finally a nurse who was near her assists her.

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