The Local Assembly of the United Left Marbella – San Pedro denounces the “collapse” experienced by the city this summer and points out that “Ángeles Muñoz is a municipal government without projects for such an important city, which deserves to have a future, with firm measures of mobility, sustainability, reconciling with tourism, but also with being a friendly city that can be enjoyed by all” and stresses that “all this occurs despite having information from experts who have detected weaknesses and offer solutions and, however, they have left it stored in a drawer”.

“We live in a city that is already stressed due to the lack of orderly growth and this situation is aggravated by the arrival of tourism in the summer season, which makes Marbella a collapsed and unattractive city due to its overcrowding,” he points out. the local coordinator of IU, Victoria Morales, who points out that “in the face of all these situations, the PP government does nothing, Ángeles Muñoz has the city for sale to the highest bidder, without any control, collapsed, growing without planning, without preserving public spaces, without reversing situations of collapse in traffic and doing the opposite that the city council itself recommends in its documents, increasing quality, tourism excellence and safety”.

The IU Local Assembly points out that “in recent summer months we have suffered situations in the municipality that are not only repeated one summer after another since before the pandemic, but have even worsened and it is for no other reason than tourist overcrowding. ”.

In this way they abound that “the municipal government of the Popular Party has not bothered to technically establish what the carrying capacity is in the municipality, since, if it is exceeded, limits must be placed on disorderly growth so that it does not occur. said overcrowding that leads to environmental, social and economic deterioration. Nothing has been done to control and order the increase in housing for illegal tourist use, when a report was made by the UMA in 2018 that the City Council itself allowed to expire.

Also “the privatization of public space by food and drink establishments on our beaches has increased, with hammocks, tables and different furniture that make them an extension of the living room of your house and steal space from us to enjoy our beaches. as what they are, public natural spaces”.

“At the same time that structural solutions are demanded for the stabilization of our coastline, the City Council has had the beaches worse than ever this season in what is within its competence, the regulation of space, accessibility services, walkways, bathrooms , adaptation of the existing sand, etc. Our beaches have had more stones than ever and they have been worse than ever this year”, they affect from IU.

The Local Assembly points out that “the privatization of space on public roads is another common situation in which tables and chairs and different gadgets occupy our streets, often preventing the passage of the population and especially making the population inaccessible. general and especially for people with reduced mobility. All this overcrowding and overloading of public roads causes noise and coexistence problems for the neighbors.

“Situations of insecurity experienced due to excess traffic and the incompetence of the City Council in granting licenses in inappropriate places or saturating existing ones, which cause noise and inconvenience to neighbors who live nearby and even more serious altercations with people injured by firearms. fire”, they stress.

“And all this despite the fact that the Marbella City Council drew up its Tourism Plan as a Great City last year, where it highlighted ideas such as the quality of life of its citizens implicitly implying the improvement of tourism activity, that for this the destination must be efficient and sustainable, that the latest tourism trends require regularization and legislation to adapt this tourism product to quality and safety guarantees. It was also highlighted that the objective cannot be to increase the number of tourist arrivals or increase population pressure, already high, but rather to increase the tourist excellence of Marbella, competing in quality and sustainability”, they denounce from Izquierda Unida.

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