While they continue their efforts to reopen Avenida España to traffic, the IU Estepona Coordinator, Laura Hernández, has asked García Urbano “to guarantee the road safety of Avenida Andalucía, which currently, in addition to being chaotically collapsed in hours tip, is in a state of regrettable abandonment that endangers the movement of motorists and pedestrians.

Thus, Laura Hernández has invited García Urbano «to take a walk along Avenida Andalucía and see how the night lighting is more than deficient, with danger for drivers and pedestrians (most of the lampposts are covered by trees) , the pedestrian crossing signs are almost erased and also the rest of the signs on the road, the potholes and deterioration of the pavement proliferate along the route of the road, the local police do not help the chaotic and collapsed circulation in peak hours , and the danger of traffic for pedestrians and drivers is more than scandalous».

Laura Hernández has taken advantage of “the state of abandonment of Avenida Andalucía to reproach García Urbano for his lack of knowledge of the City for not living in it, and not even knowing most of it, nor living it, nor suffering from it.”

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