Juan Luis Villalón has been unanimously elected candidate for mayor of Casares by the United Left (IU) for the next municipal elections to be held in May 2023. An act in which he has been supported by his current colleagues in the team of government, representatives of the assembly, and by the bases of the party.

Villalón, 39, currently holds the position of first deputy mayor, in addition to having delegates from the departments of Urban Planning, Human Resources, Citizen Security, Communication, Urban Conservation Entities and Secadero.

His experience in the city council endorses his candidacy and the challenges that arise for the next four years: to continue governing the municipality from closeness, in a clear commitment to the social and the public.

Villalón has acknowledged feeling “very satisfied and excited” with this new stage that he has to face and for the trust granted by the group of militancy.

“An exciting stage begins for me, and it also does so in a context in which the whole of society needs a good dose of that illusion, after a stage of a pandemic, a crisis, a war, and an advance of certain discourses that we already believed hackneyed and exhausted, but they are gaining strength. Today we have a clear mission and objective: to continue making policies with and for the people of Casares”.

The political organization has gathered the militancy this Wednesday to start the process for the configuration of the candidacy. With the election of Villalón, proposed by the Local Collegiate and to whom no other alternative candidacy has been presented, the first phase of the political formation process concludes.

Starting today, the candidate for mayor wanted to thank all his colleagues for the trust placed in him and highlighted “the team of people around me, from whom I learn day by day, with a union that leads us to continue with the necessary strength to build this Casares, which is becoming a bigger and better town”.

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