The director of the Regional Operational Center of INFOCA, Juan Sánchez, has defined the Sierra Bermeja fire as «the most complex we have known in Spain in the last times”. The abandonment of rural environment and the climate change are some of the causes that cause fires of this type, of special virulence and danger and difficult to extinguish. Added to this is the complicated orography of the terrain and the strong gusts of wind.

Yesterday, a cloud of incandescent embers that ignite when oxygenated with contact with air, lit a new fire near Genalguacil and Jubrique. He jumped the perimeter of extinction and opened a new front that forced the evacuation of several towns from the Genal Valley.

The burning front advanced, blown by the wind, in the direction of the four spotlights that had already turned on. He crossed a valley that had been devastated by flames a month and a half ago, according to neighbors, and connected with the fire that had been active since last Wednesday in the area. The union of the two fires once again threw everything out of control, broke the plans for the return of the displaced and began a carousel of evacuations of small municipalities.

So far, the fire continues unstoppable and the surface ravaged by the flames is already a few 9,000 hectares.

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