Felipe VI Auditorium

The Felipe VI Auditorium will host next Saturday, November 6, the representation of the theatrical work ‘The party of the goat’.

Starring Juan Echanove, this production of ‘Okapi Producciones’ adapts one of the top works of the narrative of the Nobel Prize in Literature, Mario Vargas Llosa.

The work, which will begin at 7:00 p.m., is based on real events and recreates the life of the former dictator of the Dominican Republic, Rafael Trujillo.

The piece, recommended for people over 14 years old, is directed by Carlos Saura, one of the great directors of Spanish cinema, reinterpreted by actors in a state of grace led by Juan Echanove.

‘La fiesta del chivo’ is “a life lesson, which reminds us that courage and dignity are the only antidotes to evil and barbarism,” according to the company, also responsible for one of the great recent successes of the theatrical billboard: the adaptation of the novel ‘The colonel has no one to write to him’ by Gabriel García Márquez.

Vargas Llosa’s work is one of the fundamental titles in the history of contemporary literature in the Spanish language. “Trujillo is a fascinating character. He ruled the Dominican Republic for more than 30 years with cruelty and megalomania never seen before, but also with an intelligence that made him get rid of all his enemies to stay in power ”, they point out from ‘Okapi Producciones’.

The atmosphere that is recreated in the work is that of the joy of the Caribbean, with its light, its exuberant vegetation, its music of bachatas and meringues and the endless parties of the international jet in the gardens of the Hotel Jaragua. And at the same time it mixes with the gloomy darkness of the prison of ‘La Cuarenta’, where prisoners suspected of treason against the regime were tortured, while the girl protagonist lived a happy childhood oblivious to what was happening around her.

The text written for this adaptation bets on the simplicity of the plot, maintaining the tension until the inevitable and anticipated dramatic final outcome, and also introduces some elements of humor typical of the grotesque “Valleinclanesco” that lighten the harshness of the story that is told. And all this, in an entertaining and direct style that remains faithful to the rich language that characterizes the work of the master Vargas Llosa.

Tickets are on sale at www.tafestepona.com, Agencia López (Avda. Juan Carlos I, 1 Phone: 952 800 441), and at the Auditorium box office on the day of the performance, from two hours before the start.

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