One of the items on the agenda of the last extraordinary plenary session dealt with the approval of interpretive criteria for the “LIST”, the new Andalusian land law that was approved in December last year.

The Councilor for Urban Development, Marcos Ruiz, explained: “With the new land law, urban classifications are simplified, becoming rustic or urban.”

For this reason, it is the City Council that has to carry out work on the different soils in order to include it, according to its nature, in one of the aforementioned types.

In short, as Ruiz explained, it is to enforce the general urban planning plan of the town, to help organize the different types of land. With this, it is achieved that there is no exorbitant urban planning and that it is built looking to the future, in an orderly manner.

Precisely, this new law that is under debate in all corners of Andalusia, will be discussed at the urban planning conferences that are held in our town this coming Friday.

The VII Conference on Urbanism, Territory and the Environment, organized by the General Foundation of the University of Malaga and the City Council of Manilva, will be dedicated especially to the Law for the Promotion of Territorial Sustainability in Andalusia, to which a first approximation was made in last year’s session.

The new Andalusian regulatory framework that regulates territorial and urban planning in a single legal text that contemplates substantial changes from the previous model, with the aim of simplifying and speeding up the administrative procedures for planning approval, with the municipalities acquiring greater prominence in its processing.

A summary of the conferences can be viewed on the website, which has been carried out through a virtual magazine, corresponding to the years 2019, 2020 and 2021, which deals with the Spanish urban agenda. It is a broad summary to better understand the general problems of urban planning and where the concern and interest of the Manilva City Council is glimpsed, to create a balanced urban future.

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