La Salida Beach will host the I Carnival Moraga of San Pedro Alcántara this Saturday, August 20, starting at 8:00 p.m., an event that will feature the participation of five groupsthree of them from Cádiz and another two from Marbella, as announced this Wednesday by the general director of Festivals and Tourism, Rubén Sánchez.

The municipal official highlighted during the presentation of this initiative that its objective is that “become relevant and come followed by many others to be held in years to come”, while thanking the commitment of the San Pedro Carnival Cultural Association for the launch of “a festive night”.

During the day, he indicated that “you can enjoy tasting products at the bar that will be located for this purpose at popular prices” and has encouraged citizens and visitors to join this act, which is also carried out “to support the upcoming parties.

For his part, Juanjo Calvente, president of the association, valued the endorsement of the mayor’s officea for the development of an appointment “that will take place in a privileged enclave” and that will open the local chirigota ‘I love you from here to Lima’, which has members from San Pedro and Estepona.

“Next, it will be the turn of the Marbella summer anthology ‘Los Cañitas’ and then we’ll have ‘Los Divos’, the semifinalist chirigota of Cádiz ‘Let’s live, it’s two days’ and ‘Los Lilones’”, he specified, while hoping that citizens will be encouraged “to enjoy a party atmosphere with us”.

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