The AAssociation of Mothers and Fathers of Students (AMPA) La Florida -which represents the students of the Center for Early Childhood and Primary Education (CEIP) Vargas Llosa-, along with other groups have agreed this Thursday to start an action plan to expedite the construction of the new Institute of Secondary Education (IES) of Las Chapas de Marbella, a measure that is adopted due to “the lack of confidence towards politicians” and to meet the deadlines, according to its president, Jorge Gil.

The decision was made in an assembly held this afternoon at CEIP Vargas Llosa a few days after the Junta de Andalucía will announce last Monday that it has awarded the work of the new IES, with a expected execution period of 18 months.

The action plan includes “Monitor the building license so that it is processed as soon as possible“, Ensure that the Board” signs the contract with the successful bidder “as soon as possible and wait until December 20 for the machines to start operating on the ground. Otherwise, Gil has assured that a calendar of mobilizations will be activated which will begin with “a demonstration” in the Plaza de los Naranjos in the plenary session of January, which will be attended by schoolchildren.

In addition, the assembly has agreed ensure the “adequacy of the land”, “transport” and the “provision of material and furniture”, As well as making periodic press releases to report the status of the process.

On the other hand, AMPAS involved La Florida, Los Milineros and Picos de los Monjes they are going to request the power of attorney “appear in the works permit file to be informed in real time of the process ”.

According to the school representative, the assembly is held because “the information of the Delegation does not correspond “ with that provided by the head of the planning service regarding the deadlines for the execution of the work, detailing that the latter has communicated that a building of these characteristics requires between “24 and 30 months”.

“We are in a final phase and about to start the work, We do not want to risk that these deadlines are not met ”, The president of the AMPA has emphasized, who has made known in the assembly the information of the process and where it has been agreed to organize a “Action plan in order to” streamline “administrative processes.

The idea is to tighten, since there are only two years left until the deadline is met that they gave us at the beginning, which was September 2023 ”, Gil pointed out, while regretting that with the change of autonomous government “began to extend the deadlines.”

The president of the AMPA has valued that “it’s just two years ”to get to September 2023, emphasizing that in addition to constructing the building “you have to adapt the entrances to the institute and equip it with material and furniture ”. To this must be added the “building and opening license that the Marbella City Council must grant if necessary, and we want it to be expedited,” he stressed.

During his speech, Gil recalled that the plot where the future teaching center will be located “is not the most appropriate”, since the area of ​​influence of the students who will occupy the classrooms of the future institute “is the northern area”Of Marbella and the land is located to the east of the city and outside the urban area.

In this sense, it has indicated that about 200 schoolchildren from CEIP Vargas Llosa and Xarblanca in Marbella go to barracks to take their classes, detailing that this year “more than 50 students” will leave the first center next year. For this reason, from the group they consider as an alternative that a plot adjoining the prefabricated classrooms is enabled to install new modules facing September 2022, as pointed out by the president of the ESO section of the AMPA, Silvia García. This measure will be requested at a meeting scheduled for October 26 with the representatives of the Delegation of the Board in Malaga.

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