The most prestigious network of haute cuisine schools in the world today celebrates the 10th anniversary of its headquarters located in Madrid. In these 10 years, Le Cordon Bleu Madrid has managed to position itself as a teaching benchmark in Spain, due to the high quality of its training programs and the excellent level of the students who pass through its kitchens.
Le Cordon Bleu Madrid haute cuisine school celebrates 10 years today since it opened its headquarters in alliance with the Francisco de Vitoria University of Madrid. In this decade, Le Cordon Bleu Madrid has managed to position itself as one of the reference schools in Spain, both for culinary students and for the professional sector.
Founded in Paris in 1895, Le Cordon Bleu is considered the world’s leading network of haute cuisine and hotel management schools, training 20,000 students from more than 100 countries each year. Since its opening in Spain in January 2011, its programs have added more than 7000 enrollments, with an academic offer that has been growing and integrating interesting bets such as an exclusive program dedicated to Spanish Cuisine, endorsed by the Royal Academy of Gastronomy and a university degree in Gastronomy in collaboration with the UFV.
Support to the national hospitality sector

In addition to betting on high-level training, during these years Le Cordon Bleu Madrid has supported the Spanish gastronomy and hospitality sector from different perspectives, promoting research, contributing to the dissemination in numerous gastronomic congresses such as Madrid Fusión and betting on the young chefs in the country with the launch of the Haute Cuisine Promises Award, which this year faces its ninth edition and has become one of the most recognized awards on the national scene.
This commitment has been more than reciprocated by the main chefs of Spanish gastronomy who have supported the institution since its inception. Martín Berasategui, Joan Roca, Pedro Subijana, Diego Guerrero, Javier Olleros, Quique Dacosta, Jesús Sánchez and Andoni Luis Aduriz are some of the great teachers who have supported the work of the institution as godparents of the 35 promotions that have graduated so far , members of the Council of the Degree in Gastronomy or presidents of the jury of the Promises of Haute Cuisine Award.
Rosario Barrios, director of Le Cordon Bleu Madrid, highlighted the importance of Spain having a school of this level for the country’s gastronomic development:
“We are grateful and very proud of the success obtained in these 10 years of life in Spain and of the great team that we have built. Le Cordon Bleu Madrid has always had as a priority its commitment to training and the responsibility of preserving and enhancing haute cuisine; and now more than ever, we hope to continue contributing to the national gastronomic culture ”.

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