The legal operators of marbella expect the new Palace of Justice is a reality in 2026as well as consider that the amount allocated this year in the budget of the Junta de Andalucía of 50,000 euros for the municipality is “insignificant”, according to the member of the Civic Initiative for the Judicial Center of Marbella, Dionisio Carrillo.

The also lawyer of the Administration of Justice of the Court of 1st Instance number 8 of Marbella, has recalled that the group founded in 2010 has as “the main objective the dignity of justice in the city through the improvement of judicial physical infrastructures” and the construction of a new courthouse, a request that dates back to 1997.

The Junta de Andalucía, which holds the powers in the matter, has planned the construction of a new Palace of Justice in Marbella, for which the The City Council has ceded a plot of 13,000 square meters in La Torrecilla through a procedure that concluded in May 2021.

Since then, work has been done on the access creation project, for which both administrations have agreed declare the Carretera de Ojén of regional interest to be able to channel a work that will cost 14 million, to which the construction of the City of Justice is subject, as announced in October by the minister of the branch, José Antonio Nieto.

Carrillo has advanced that the new equipment “has to double at least” the capacity of the three judicial offices that the city has, such as those on Mayorazgo and Arias de Velasco avenues and the one located on Doha Street, with 4,000, 2,400 and 1,200 square meters respectively.

Thus, he pointed out that the future City of Justice must have “at least between 18,000 and 20,000 square meters” with the forecast that this amount will increase, for which reason a “modular design” is being worked on, consisting of “building the what is really needed at the moment with the forecasts of increase and to have planned and provided ground or height for when more is needed”.

The new equipment “has to double at least” the capacity of the three current venues

In addition, he pointed out that “the building that has to be unique, functional and passive from the environmental point of view”, that is, that “the energy it consumes is produced” by the construction itself and that “by its nature it can be independent”. It must also provide that “it be modularly expandable, which implies that the building itself is located in a larger complex in which the National Police Station, and possibly also the Local Police and Civil Guard Traffic, but that remains to be seen”, he added. The set will be complemented with “space for parking, for the arrival of a bus line and for sustainable mobility” with parking for bicycles.

The next thing that happened after the transfer of the land is the declaration by the Junta de Andalucía of the “regional interest of the work of the accesses“, as explained by the lawyer, who has indicated that this will serve as “a license to be able to undertake the project”, assessing that if the deadlines are met “in the last quarter of 2023” the work would begin, which must be undertaken at municipal level. On the other hand, he has indicated that there are Palace of Justice worksand that the group will request that they start “processing the specifications and the construction project” once the accesses begin.

A “reasonable” period

In this way, he has assessed that if the times of the work of the accesses to the plot are met, “we could leave in a reasonable term to the year 2026, which would be optimistic and reasonable” for the Palace of Justice to become a reality, although it will depend on the “type of contract” made by the Project Board. In this sense, he has indicated that there are two formulas. One would be that “he does it with his own financial means”, and another under the “public-private cooperation” through which a “tender” would be made, the company builds and “the individual receives a canon and is granted the exploitation of certain related services”.

On amount of 50,000 euros that contemplates the autonomous budget for the year 2023 in the city, Carrillo has underlined that “it is an insignificant one”, although he has clarified that “it is an expenditure forecast” and understands that “from the administrative point of view it can be like a expandable credit” and that “as the processing progresses, more money can be allocated”.

“We would have liked the proposed item to be higher, but as long as that does not mean that it cannot be expanded in the future, because it is clear that by 2023 with 50,000 euros nothing can be done. And if in 3 years it is 125,000 euros -as the PSOE has denounced- even less”, he pointed out.

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