The Federation of associations of leisure and recreation entrepreneurs ‘Andalusia at night’ has considered as “Unfortunate” the shooting recorded this morning at the Opium beach club in Marbella, where have they been injured five people who remain hospitalized at the Costa del Sol hospital, including the alleged perpetrator of the shots, according to the group’s vice president, Juan Rambla.

The representative of the collective has indicated that “It’s not something that usually happens” although he has highlighted that this type of event “is not good for anyone and the first to suffer are the owners of the establishments”, to whom they generate “damage and problems”. At the same time, he has considered that this type of Incidents harm “the image of the sector”, which “is damaged”.

“It is not something that depends on us and It can happen anywhere at any time.” The businessman has clarified, who has pointed out that in the early hours of Monday it was being celebrated in the club of beach “a first level concert”, so “when you sell the tickets, you don’t know who is buying them”.

Specifically, on the website of the leisure establishment it is indicated that the programming for last Sunday night, July 17, included the performance “Black Coffee, Angelos, Landikhan. Saldivar”, from 8:30 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. The event took place around 1:00 a.m.

The vice president of ‘Andalusia at night’ has stressed that a shooting “occurs in unexpected places by a person who is not well or by a public that no one wants”, noting that “in these types of incidents It’s not usually the establishments where they happen that promote that kind of thing.”

The events happened around one in the morning on Monday. It was at that time when the 112 Andalusia Emergency Service received the first of several calls indicating that they had heard gunshots in the vicinity of a nightclub in Marbella and that there were grunning around the A-7.

The five injured have been transferred to the Costa del Sol hospital in Marbella, since four were affected by gunshot wounds. Among them, a man of Irish nationality and a woman remain in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The fifth is the alleged perpetrator of the shooting and he is also admitted – detained and in police custody – with stab wounds to the head and chest.

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