The Baños de la Hedionda is about Ferruginous Sulphurous Baths, located in a beautiful and advantageous place, which man has known how to take advantage of since roman times. The spa enclosure, square, with a spherical vault of pendentives and two barrel vaults, is located on the right bank of the Albarrán stream and very close to the border with the municipality of Manilva.

Undoubtedly a tourist attraction for Casares, which this last month has registered more than 6,300 visits. Most of the visitors have been Spanish. The foreigners include the British, French, Belgians and also Norwegians and Swedes. The Baños de la Hedionda have received more than 10,000 visits in the months of July and August.

Until the middle of the month of September continues to work and already has 834 reservations. In order to enjoy this natural enclave, it is necessary to book through the platform designed by the City Council. The Baths have a tourist information point, vehicle access control, lifeguard service and capacity limitation.

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