He elected candidate of Por Mi Pueblo in Mijas, Juan Carlos Maldonadohas returned to the news after announcing the municipalist formation its expulsion for agreeing with PSOE and Ciudadanos (Cs) an agreement to govern the next 4 years, for which the party formally requested yesterday, Friday, its passage to the group of councilors not attached to it prior to the plenary session for the constitution of the new Corporation, which will take place this Saturday, being the third political force through which the mijeño passes and ceases to be a part.

Por Mi Pueblo announced last Thursday night the decision to expel Juan Carlos Maldonado from the party, and that yesterday he officially requested the Mijas City Council with a letter presented both “to the secretary” and by the “electronic headquarters”, according to party sources.

Maldonado has a long political career that goes back to the 90s, when he was part of the PSOE of Mijas for several years, spending in 2015 to swell the ranks of Ciudadanos, party with which he took the baton of command in the Mijeño municipality in a legislature in which he remained in power, but which was marked by instability due to pacts with different political forces and their subsequent ruptures.

Thus, in 2015 it reached a agreement with the PP that barely lasted 10 months, despite counting the oranges with only 5 rabbits and the popular ones with 11, and which culminated in April 2016 with the rupture of the governance agreement. At that time, Maldonado alluded to the “pretty dirty game” of the popular and to the “opposition work” that they were carrying out despite being part of the government, the main origin of the rupture being various audits carried out by the Mijas City Council on the previous local executive, as announced by the orange formation at the time.

Five months later, in September 2016, Maldonado signed an agreement with the PSOE that you allowed him to continue governing as mayor for two and a half years, until the socialists broke the pact in January 2019, a few months after the municipal elections of that year were held.

Dismissal of ‘Taste of Malaga’

In the legislature between 2019 and 2023, Maldonado made the leap to the Malaga Provincial Council as first vice president of Ciudadanos and provincial deputy for the Economic and Social Development area, as well as held the position of head of the agri-food brand ‘Sabor a Málaga’, from which he was dismissed in November 2021 as a result of complaints received by producers as the traditional Christmas market of that year was not held, as announced by the president of the provincial institution, Francisco Salado.

The institution considered that with this the brand had lost “weight and visibility” and alluded to the dismissal of Juan Carlos Maldonado as an “organizational change” based on the demands of the producers, restaurateurs and distributors of ‘Sabor a Málaga’, one of the main promotional activities of the Diputación, and that they take charge of His management was one of the demands of the orange party to close the government pact between PP and Cs in the provincial institution.

The decision of the provincial entity caused the politician to announce his Ciudadanos march in November 2021, alluding to “dark pacts” between the PP and Cs, while maintaining his act as councilor in the Mijas City Council. A month later, Salado announced the cessation de Maldonado as First Vice President of the provincial institution, remaining as a non-attached deputy after an agreement reached with the orange formation to keep the group in the Provincial Council. In the same category of non-attached, he has remained in the Mijeño Consistory until the end of the legislature after leaving Cs.

A new stage seemed to begin for the politician from Mijas after joining the municipalist party for my people to give visibility to the projects of the formation, from which he has finally been expelled this week after having obtained representation in the City Council after the elections of May 28, for agreeing with PSOE and Cs a government agreement for the new legislature.

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