The company dependent on the regional entity, Acosol, has started the bidding process for the drafting of the project for a new collector between the area known as El Bote and the Pajares stream.

The institutional collaboration maintained by the Fuengirola City Council, the Association of Municipalities of the Western Costa del Sol and the Junta de Andalucía has made it possible for the Acosol society – dependent on the regional entity – to initiate the administrative process to put out to tender the drafting of the project of the construction of a new integral sanitation collector in the Carvajal-Arroyo Pajares sector. It is an action that aims to tackle the problems of overflowing the current water collection system in the area of ​​the Paseo Marítimo known as ‘El Bote’, which occurs in episodes of abundant rain. Ending this situation, which fundamentally affects the residents and merchants of the area, is an electoral commitment of the mayor Ana Mula, who has visited the area together with the mayor of Infrastructure, José Sánchez, and the councilor of the neighborhood, María Hernandez.

“We have been working for years to improve the infrastructure of Fuengirola and we have managed to put an end to all the black spots of flooding in our urban fabric. But the replacement of the current comprehensive sanitation and supply system, whose owner and responsible is the Junta de Andalucía, is pending. We are facing an infrastructure that has been obsolete for a long time and that has serious deficiencies, and in the case of ‘El Bote’ it manifests itself more clearly every time it rains heavily. Finally, the Board has been determined to tackle these works, and more urgently, where it is most needed, here, in Torreblanca ”, said the councilor.
In this sense, the City Council has promoted different actions to lessen the consequences of the flooding of water that occurs in this environment in days of intense rain, such as the installation of more rainwater evacuation points, among other actions. However, as Ana Mula has pointed out, “we are very clear that the definitive solution consists in changing the entire collector system”. Some tasks that, as he recalled, correspond to the Junta de Andalucía.

In this regard, as underlined, the delegate of the Autonomous Government in Malaga, Patricia Navarro, announced, a little over a month ago, the intention of the Andalusian executive to act in the sanitation of the Costa del Sol, and urgently, in ‘The boat’. In this way, as Navarro herself advanced, while Acosol would be in charge of drafting the project, the regional administration would face the financing of the tender and the construction work of this new equipment, which are initially valued at about 2.5 millions of euros.

The first part of the commitment expressed by the Andalusian president is already underway after the opening of the bidding process, whose deadline for submitting offers will expire on September 13. This action has a value of 131,089.71 euros, charged to Acosol funds, and an execution period of four months. Whenever they are awarded and the document is prepared, it will be the turn of the Junta de Andalucía, whose managers have committed to carrying out these works.

“In other words, we are facing the first step to end this black spot that affects an area as important as this one in Torreblanca. I have to make it clear that what I am announcing today is very important, but the works are not going to begin imminently. I appreciate the involvement and collaboration of both the Commonwealth and the Junta de Andalucía, which is finally going to bet on this historic demand ”, declared the first mayor.

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