The high temperatures and the west wind become every summer a real danger in the town because of the fire risk. If we add to that the irresponsible actions, carelessness or negligence of some people, the result can be very dangerous for the environment and citizens themselves.

Throughout the summer and these days, where as of Wednesday it is expected to receive a heat wave, we must be very cautious and avoid lighting barbecues, bonfires and agricultural burns in forest spaces, since it is totally banned until october.

Without going any further, yesterday we had in our borders, at the height of the A-7, a fire in which the Infoca Plan intervened, which was stabilized at 6.30pm. To the place they moved 55 forest firefighters, three operations technicians, an Environment agent, a fire engine and four helicopters.

For this reason, we want to remember that the period of greatest risk of forest fires in Andalusia It is from the June 1 until the October 15th. From the Delegation of Environment of the City Council of Manilva, they make an appeal to citizens to raise awareness and take care of the environment.

Remind them that there are a number of recommendations to to prevent a forest fire, such as not throwing cigarette butts or lighted cigarettes in the field or on the road, not making bonfires, burning of natural vegetation and agricultural residues; do not leave trash or glass as they can start a fire by acting as a magnifying glass. Do not light fireworks, rockets or firecrackers in risk areas; keep the garden always clean, without accumulating dry vegetables; do not drive a motor vehicle off the road network. Also, when you see a fire you should immediately call the 112. If you are going by car and we find ourselves in this situation, it is recommended to roll up the windows and turn on the lights. Always go in the opposite direction to the direction of the wind and not towards ravines or hollows. It is essential to stay away from the fire through the lateral areas or without vegetation.

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