The Manilva City Council wants to thank and publicly highlight the enormous effort of our local merchants and businessmen, who have adapted to difficult circumstances caused by the pandemic.

Both the mayor, Mario Jiménez and the Councilor for Commerce, Francisco Becerra, on behalf of the Government Team, want to express their pride in having extraordinary services, essential for our municipality to be a tourist reference.

There are countless tokens of appreciation from both neighbors and visitors for the professionalism and quality of restaurants, bars, shops of all kinds, supermarkets and services in general that make the business organization of the first level.

For its part, the City Council has made a great effort to help alleviate these difficult times with the elimination of the occupancy rate of bars and restaurants on public roads, in addition to giving the possibility of expanding its terraces. A 200,000-euro bag was also created to subsidize Manilveño companies that, due to the pandemic, were forced to close. Local commerce has been boosted with local consumption campaigns.

Among all, according to the mayor Manilveño commented: “we are coming out of this health and economic crisis maintaining outstanding services, and we thank all the people who directly or indirectly, contribute their grain of sand.”

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