The technical services of the Urban Development delegation, whose responsible councilor is Marcos Ruiz, have made a report on the surfaces of the different types of soil that make up the municipality.

Said study, according to the partial Adaptation of the PGOU to the LOUA, referring to the different surfaces of the various types of soil in the municipality of Manilva, the conclusions obtained have been:

– Urban Land (Consolidated and Unconsolidated) = 6.53920701 km².
– Developable Land (Ordered, Sectorized and Non-Sectorized) = 19.03078 km².
– Non-Developable Land = 10.17359341 km²
– Municipality area = 35.74358042 km²

The attached table also specifies the type and number of properties according to their cultural, industrial, sports, residential, commercial, leisure and hospitality, entertainment, health, religious, etc. use.

As Ruiz commented: “Given the challenge we are currently facing in the process of adapting to the new Andalusian urban regulations, this dossier is fundamental because it will allow us to lay the foundations for organizing sustainable development.”

The mayor continued delving into the objectives: “We want progress and growth, but urban planning is the best tool at the service of citizens to be able to grow and generate economic activity while protecting our cultural and natural heritage, and to favor the creation of of green and leisure spaces, as well as common areas understood as essential spaces for coexistence in the democratic city.

The GEUMA will continue to lay the foundations to address the future General Plan for Urban Planning, also having as a reference in local development the Urban Agenda 2030, whose goal is to achieve sustainability in urban development policies.

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