Manilva will host next Friday the celebration of the VI Conference on Urbanism, Territory and Environment, in this issue to address the issue ‘The Spanish urban agenda’.

The Conference was presented this morning at the headquarters of the Commonwealth by the president of the entity, José Antonio Mena, accompanied by the mayor of Manilva, Mario Jiménez, the councilor for Urbanism, Marcos Ruíz and the mayor and delegate in the aforementioned entity, Daniel Muñoz.

These free days, which have the collaboration of the Commonwealth, “will finally be held in the Plenary Hall next Friday, October 22, and its direction is in charge of Esther Rando Burgos, professor of Administrative Law of the UMA, and of Ildefonso Narváez Baena, municipal lawyer Manilva City Council ”.

The first mayor of Manilva pointed out that “this sixth edition of the Town Planning, Territory and Environment Conference organized by the General Foundation of the University of Malaga and the Manilva City Council, with the collaboration of the Association for Urban and Territorial Studies ‘Teatinos’, closes a cycle started in its fourth edition in which we decided to address the content of the Urban Agendas that have been produced since 2015 in the international context, and that in this call we dedicate to the Spanish Urban Agenda (AUE) ”.

Thus, he added that “the format of these Conferences does not make possible a complete approach to the content of the decalogue of strategic objectives and the thirty specific objectives offered by the AUE, so, with the ever-present intention of providing an instrument that helps entities local authorities to design their own Action Plan, we have made a selection of the objectives that we understand can be of immediate use for this purpose, although we will offer an overview of the main contents of the AUE from the hand of the Deputy Director General of Urban Policies from the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Ángela de la Cruz Mera ”.

Likewise, the Councilor for Urban Planning added that “in particular our approach will focus on objective 10 of the Spanish Urban Agenda:« Improve intervention and governance instruments », specifically the specific objective 10.1:« Achieve a regulatory framework and updated, flexible and simplified planning that also improves management ”; This will give us the opportunity to contrast the Andalusian urban planning bill in process (the so-called LIST) under the prism of the national strategic framework, thanks to the presentation of the master of so many urban planners, Venancio Gutiérrez Colomina. We will also have the invaluable participation of Maricarmen Tapia Gómez, architect, director of the journal Crítica Urbana, who will talk to us about mobility and equality, fundamental axes in the conception of objectives 5 and 6 of the AUE (favoring proximity and sustainable mobility and promote social cohesion and seek equity), culminating in the analytical content of this edition the exhibition of international urban policies within the framework of the European Union, which can serve as a reference to conceive the practices to be developed in our municipalities, in charge of Ignacio Pemán Gavín, Honorary President of the European Council of Town Planners ”.

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