The Malaga municipality of Manilva will host next Friday, October 21, the celebration of the VII Conference on Urbanism, Territory and Environment, in this edition to deal with the theme ‘Municipalities in the new territorial and urban planning of Andalusia’.

The conference was presented by the president of the Western Commonwealth, José Antonio Mena, accompanied by the mayor of Manilva, Mario Jiménez and Antonio M. Lara López, academic coordinator of the company and international projection Fguma.

Mena has highlighted that these free conferences, which have the collaboration of the Commonwealth, “will be held in the plenary hall of the Manilva City Council, next Friday, October 21, 2021, and its direction is in charge of Esther Rando Burgos, professor of Administrative Law at the UMA, and Ildefonso Narváez Baena, municipal lawyer of the Manilva City Council».

For his part, the mayor of Manilva has indicated that the VII Conference on Urbanism, Territory and the Environment, organized by the General Foundation of the University of Malaga and the City Council of Manilva, will be dedicated especially to the Law to Promote Territorial Sustainability in Andalusia , to which we already made a first approximation in last year’s session.

“The new Andalusian regulatory framework that regulates land and urban planning in a single legal text contemplates substantial changes to the previous model, with the aim of simplifying and speeding up the administrative procedures for planning approval, with the municipalities acquiring greater prominence in its processing”, has added.

In the same way, he has valued that there will be the participation of Eva María Nieto Garrido, professor of Administrative Law at the University of Castilla-La Mancha, who will address the new regime of municipal powers in the List in her conference.

Topics such as “preservation of rural land from subregional territorial planning, key to undertaking municipal urban planning and achieving environmentally and socially sustainable development, will also be addressed; hand in hand with the head of the Subregional Planning Service of the General Directorate of Territory Planning and Urbanism of the Ministry of Public Works, María Guadalupe de la Hera de Liaño, as well as the procedure for approving the urban planning instruments, whose analysis It will be carried out by María del Carmen Moreno Avilés, head of Urban Planning of the Territorial Delegation of Malaga of the autonomous body, providing her approach with a fundamental practical content to successfully undertake the planning public function of the local Administration».

«In this edition, and continuing with the traditional practical contribution of relevant urban experiences, we are proud to offer the result of the commitment made by the Municipal Corporation of Manilva in previous conferences, to develop the lines of action of the future Manilva Urban Agenda, which They will be exhibited by those responsible for the technical teams in charge of their preparation, Beatriz Sendín Jiménez and Fernando Prieto del Campo”, he concluded.

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