With an index of 90% of the students passed in the last year, those citizens that do not yet have Spanish nationality, they will be able to take this course, to integrate more easily into our society, in addition to obtaining the rights and benefits of the certificate.

The councilor responsible for the area of ​​Foreign Residents, Laura López, has held a meeting with the professor, Juan Emilio Ríos and the coordinator María Tomé, to specify the details of the next preparation course for obtaining Spanish nationality.

The classes, to be held at the Training Center in Sabinillas, in front of the Post Office, they will give start September 18. The available hours will be divided into Saturdays and Sundays on schedule morning or afternoon. Will be two hours a week.

The price will be € 30 per month and the groups will be reduced from 5 people. All this, respecting the security and prevention measures against covid 19. All people interested in registering or who want to resolve any type of doubt can contact the aforementioned delegation (952 890 065).

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