Last Saturday, on the occasion of the International Day of the Elderly, the elderly of the municipality gathered at the Manilva Multiple Use Pavilion to enjoy a snack dinner organized by the Social Welfare Delegation.

This event was attended, in addition to the person in charge of the aforementioned area Paqui López, the mayor, Mario Jiménez, the first deputy mayor, Diego José Jiménez, as well as the councilors Eva Galindo, Francisco Becerra, Daniel Muñoz and the area director, Pilar Zuniga.

In an evening dedicated to coexistence, laughter, conversations and dancing were the protagonists among all the attendees who, after complicated months, enjoyed this event dedicated exclusively to them, as pointed out by the mayor, Paqui López.

For the councilor from Manilv, this has been a very special occasion to thank all our elders for their involvement in making our municipality what it is.

From the City Council of Manilva, through the different delegations, work will continue to continue offering this sector of the population all the best.

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