The last touches are already being given to one of the sports courts of the Pablo Picasso school center, where the delegation led by Diego José Jiménez, in coordination with the Education area led by Daniel Muñoz, has put all its efforts to recover an area of this very important school for outdoor activity.

Both municipal officials have taken the opportunity to meet the demands of the director Ernesto Romero, who has made a review of all the small repairs and modifications that this educational center needs in order to offer the best service to students.

Muñoz referred in his speech to the importance of coordination to carry out these improvements in schools while very positively valued the new aspect of the sports court.

In this way, the different facilities of the municipality are already being prepared to receive tomorrow all the schoolchildren who will begin their journey in this new 21/22 academic year.


Faced with the imminent start of the course that will take place tomorrow, Friday with flexible hours and as of Monday on the usual day, Daniel Muñoz, the person in charge of the town hall for this area, has seen fit to convene an important coordination meeting in the plenary hall where Esperanza Cebrian, director of the Las Viñas Institute, and on behalf of the schools, Mayte Díez del Maicandil, Genoveva Vázquez del San Luis and Ernesto Romero del Pablo Picasso have been present, in a meeting that was also attended by the Acting Head of the Local Police, Manolo Centeno, in order to coordinate all entry and exit protocols so that the safety of all students is fully guaranteed.

These are some of the meetings that will continue to be held periodically in order, not only to comply with the Covid protocol, but to guarantee the best conditions for our students.

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