A-7, in Sabinillas.
A-7, in Sabinillas.

The Manilva City Council will request acoustic screens for the section of the A-7 that passes through the municipality by environmental noise caused by traffic and industrial and recreational activities.

As stated in the Green Paper of the European Commission on Future Policy to Combat Noise, the aforementioned is one of the main environmental problems in Europe and is the source of an increasing number of complaints from citizens.

It is estimated that they cause noise measurements higher than 75 dB (A) during daytime hours on the facades of the houses that face this highway, which can cause health alterations such as stress, depression, sleep disturbances, damage to the system nervous and hearing loss. «In the aforementioned place they are registered 4,903 people So we understand that this is a priority issue given that it is a dense building area and predominantly residential use that greatly exceeds the noise level. For this reason, and given that in recent years the use of acoustic barriers has increased along the routes of penetration and urban crossings, we consider it essential to place acoustic screens between the aforementioned kilometer points “, has pointed out the councilor of Urbanism, Marcos Ruiz.

Immediately, this request will be transferred to the Action Plan prepared by the Junta de Andalucía and the Strategic Noise Maps of the roads of the Province of Malaga so that they act as soon as possible. Likewise, it is understood from the Consistory that it would be convenient for said acoustic screens were transparent in order to avoid a greater impact on the landscape.

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